Mark Mason Physique Photographer/Videographer

Mark Mason is back!, and our 2018 Competitors will now be covered on NPCnews online. He will be taking stage photography orders and Video orders. Mark's information is HERE!

*Post our fall event we looked back at the Competitors Confirmation emails that we sent out with important information to each Competitors pre-show. The emails go to the email address that a competitor has provided when they completed their online entry. If you miss-spelled your email, or change your email address after the fact you will not get the emailed information. Also if you do not check your email, you are not as prepared as you should be for the event . We noticed post show that there were many competitors who did not even open their emails! Please be prepared with the information that we want you to read pre-show. OPEN & READ all emailed pre-event information.

Richard Olson Physique Photographer; Owner

Ric Olson will be available at Competitor Check in Friday May 18th from 7 - 10 PM to take your orders for backdrop photography. Ric will be shooting studio quality stil photo's at a backdrop during the Judging session. He will also be scheduling a few beach shoots! Don't miss the opportunity to get "posed" photography and capture the memory forever! Ric's order information will be provided several weeks ahead of the event. Please check back!

*All photography rights belong  to the R.K. Smith Productions. Social media posting by unapproved photographers must be in low resolution and not desirable for print. In addition, R.K. Smith Productions Events photographs posted online MAY NOT CONTAIN A WATERMARK. The rights are owned by R.K. Smith Productions.

Family members and friends may take photographs of their friend or family only with cell phones. They may not use camera's for high resolution photo's. Random photo shooting of Competitors is in violation of NPC copyright laws and the event and rules. Those not complying will be removed. A list of approved photographers will be posted near the entrance.  Anyone taking high resolution photos without permission will be removed