Trainers we appreciate your hard work INSPIRING and training clients for our competitions!, and we and are continuing a Trainer Thank you Bonus for the 2017 PACIFIC COAST BATTLE AT THE BEACH!


THE TOP 10 TRAINERS DECIDED BY NUMBER OF CLIENT’S ENTERED will each receive a $250 check from R.K. Smith Productions. To be considered, we must have your entries in by 7 PM Friday May 12th. Your client’s online entry should have your name listed as trainer. You must have full charge of training your client, and not just filling in at the end or claiming a client you partially trained. If your clients enter later than the 12th they will not be counted toward your total. To be certain that we get your total correct, and because your clients will most likely be individually entering we will need an emailed list from each Trainer that wants to be considered for the bonus listing his/her clients names and class(es) entered. Be certain to add the class(es) they entered to your email by their names in order to have the client added to your total. If you trained the client you will know the class they are entered in.Email your list to rksmithproductionsentries Please send that email by Monday May 12th so we may be prepared. Thank you, R.K. Smith Productions