NORTHWEST COMPETITION COLORING is an approved on-site Tanner for the 2017 Pacific Coast Championship. We sincerely appreciate their support of R.K. Smith Productions and their excellent work in tanning our Competitors! The 2017 Tanning Team has spray tanners for both the ladies and the men to apply tans. Female tanning associates who will take care of our tanning needs are; Meredith Mitrovich, Marissa Baker, Betsy Campbell. NWCC Tanning will be working from inside the Competitors Lounge on the second floor of the Casino. Signs will lead the way. To schedule your tan: Visit their website and make your reservation: http://nwcctan.com
For questions:

                Email ~ nwcc@nwcctan.com
                Text or call ~ 360-791-3558

Tanning Vendor Kim Bell and assistant tanners for LIQUID SUN RAYZ will also be available for onsite tanning. You have two excellent choices of Tanning companies, both do an outstanding service for the Competitors! You will find Tanning Vendor Kim Bell and her staff located inside the Casino on the second floor in the Tututni/Chetco room. Watch for the signs.

Liquid Sunrayz take great care and do a fabulous job for the competitors. Contact Kim@ 503-267-8280 or through her newly updated website to schedule an appointment:http://centerstagetan.com/