Pump Room Access: (Competitors Lounge & Showroom Landing Finals Prep area)

Anyone other than R.K. Smith Productions Event Staff, Competitors or Guest Posers who would like to access the pump/backstage area will need to purchase a “Trainers Access Wrist Band”. The charge is $100 for each band; they will be permanent bands and not interchangeable.  

*The access wristbands cannot be pre-purchased before the event. Purchase your band at Competitor Check in Friday May 18 between 7-10 PM or Saturday morning at the Lounge entrance.

*The wristband also provides Event entrance and a general admission seat for the Judging session, and it provides entrance without a seat for the Finals. Trainers who want to secure a Reserved Seat for the Finals will need to purchase a Ticket. If trainers are fine with standing room only for the Finals they will not need a ticket.

2018 Pump Room Rules for Trainers:

1. You must wear your wristband at all times. Any tampering with the band and you will need to purchase another band. 

2. Listen and follow all instruction and be respectful to the Event Expediting Staff.  They have the authority to remove you.

3. Everyone who would like to access the Lounge need to purchase a band. Exception: Guest Posers, Event Staff & Competitors.