20 under the belt!, and it's a wrap for the NPC Pacific Coast Championship 2017! May 14, 2017 brought some amazing physiques to the annual Battle at the Beach. The Competitors came ready to rock the stage, and goal accomplished! 315 Competitor entries and a cheering crowd of their admirers buldged the little beach town population. We were all thankful for the beautiful sunny weekend. Three of the most outstanding Guest Posers & families were in the house. We all enjoyed the IFBB Pro performers arriving in excellent conditioning and ready to preform and they did just that! Thank you to IFBB's Pro's Viko Newman, Mark Sindayen and Stephen Frazier! LED stage lighting, spots and robotics made for a great atmosphere to showcase the outstanding physiques on stage, and set a festive mood throughout the showroom for spectators. We can’t praise our event crew enough for their hard the dedication they bring. They are one big family to us. It takes two days of very challenging days to set this event up. Our crew, some with us for 19 years bring the expertise to their position and at the same time keep the mood fun and make it all about the Competitors and Spectators, as it should be.

Sincere thanks to all involved in the 2017 Pacific Coast Championship, it was a year to remember because of all of you!

We hope to see you all again on May 19, 2018 at the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City.

 Results Top 5's & Overalls ~~~Provide by westcoastbodybuilding.com / Thank you Richard Olson!
Women's Fitness Classic Physique Ov 35 Open Bikini B Figure Novice A Men Physique True Nov B
1-Cassandra Beecher 1-Terry Crownover 1-Maria Mendoza 1-Mackenzie Miller 1-Errol Franada
2- Li Barnes 2-Jeremy McKern 2-Name? 2-Sara Noble 2-Josh Wallman
    3-Tima Palmer 3-Aline Vanna 3-Ali Abdulrahman
Jr. Men Bodybuilding Classic Physique OA 4-Karla Head 4-Brittany Bass  
1-Trevor Gewant 1- Dustin Pederson 5-Juana Paz Martinez 5-Katelyn Lalonde Men Physique Novice A
      6-Kendra Manchester 1-Nathan Agmata
  7-Diane Labant 2-Fernando Torres
    Open Bikini C   3-Aaron Jung
Novice BB under 165 Bikini True Novice A 1-Katie Braff Figure Novice B 4-Jonny Dye
1- Garrett Rochon 1-Lindsey Van Zwol 2-Michelle Grimes 1-Shaunna White 5-Eduardo Arechiga
2- RJ Franada 2-Stephanie Gasik 3-Danielle Guerra 2-Corey Dobson 6- Branimir Donev
3- Edgar Rivera Valdivia 3-Teresa Diaz 4-Stefani Doss 3-Stephanie Olsen 7- Beau Breedlove
  4- Angela Herrera 5-Maki Schwartz    
  5-Jessica Pannell 6- Angela Herrera    
Novice BB under 187   7- Brittany Day Figure Novice C Men Physique Novice B
1- Jake Toll Bikini True Novice B Open Bikini D 1-Nikki Vann 1-Brendan Obrien
2- Nicholas Gasik 1-Katie Braff 1-Kristin Brown 2-Michelle Slaughter 2-Zachary Thomas
3- Francisco Rueda III 2-Naomi Eslinger 2-Kelly Hunt 3-Ashley Billingsley 3-Ali Abdulrahman
4- Terrell Duncan 3-Makenzie Neal     4-Daily Hummelt
5- David Brown 4-Danielle Guerra      
  5-Megan Parish Open Bikini E Figure Masters A Men Physique Masters A
  6- Brandi Richardson 1-Olya Pickering 1-Davina Mitchell  
Novice BB over 187 7- Sarah Smith 2-Faye Phillips 2-Amber Columbus 1-Daniel Wilson
1- Michael Gnudi   3-Rebeka Suvanvej 3-Michelle La Rock 2-Josh Wallman
2- Derek Noble Novice Bikini A 4-Katie Tracy 4-Kimberly Bickley 3-Terrell Conley
3- Nick Herrera 1-Lindsey Van Zwol 5-Jessica Cash 5-Trisha Rebman  
4- Josh Knapp 2-Jaimelee Crumrine 6- Sarah Smith 6- Corey Dobson  
  3-Nichole Hewitt 7- Siera Maier 7- Danna Stamps  
      Men Physique Masters B
Open Bikini F Figure Masters B 1-John Bender
Novice Men Overall   1-Jolene Cline 1-Kimberly Bickley 2-Steve Cain
1- Jake Toll Novice Bikini B 2-Gracie Crownover   3-Jonny Dye
  1-Katie Braff 3-Michelle Slaughter Figure Masters C 4-Lonnie Dement
Masters Men over 75 2-Michelle Grimes 4-Ashley Gregerson 1-Stephanie Garner  
1- Darryl Middleton 3-Juana Paz Martinez   2-Ruth Duran Men Physique Master Overall
  4-Katie Tracy Open Bikini G 3-Shalii Crownover 1-Daniel Wilson
Master Men BB over 60 5-Vanessa Brown 1-Lydia Taylor 4-Jennifer Gausnell  
  6- Maki Schwartz 2-Kara Unger 5-Nadine Lemmons
  7- Danielle Guerra 3-Sheila Conlon 6- Diane Labant  
1- Dale Rene   4-Brenna Sharpe 7- Kendra Manchester Men Physique Open A
2- Darryl Middleton Novice Bikini C 5-Krysten Copeland   1-Stephen Thompson
3- Larry Potter 1-Kristin Brown   Figure Masters D 2-Adam Baldwin
  2-Nicolle Henderson
1-Gina Putman 3-John Bender
Master Men BB over 50 3-Jessica Cash   2-Andrea Bowden 4-Mohammed Alzaher
1- Christopher Lovell 4-Brandi Richardson Open Bikini Overall 3-Lynn Collins 5-Bo Zell
2- Gary Jacobsen 5-Sandra Kelley 1-Olya Pickering 4-Sandy Huey 6-Samajay Collins
  6- Amanda Swanson   5-Gayla McCredie 7-Steve Cain
  7- Stephany Johnson
6- Jo Ann Eldredge  
3- Alan Woody     7- Debbie Langdon Men Physique Open B
4- Terry Crownover Novice Bikini D Women Bodybuilding   1-Miles Mann
5- Mark Chapman 1-Gracie Crownover 1-Amy Neelands Figure Masters Overall 2-John Heick
6- James Waldo 2-Makenzie Neal 2-Leann George 1-Stephanie Garner 3-RJ Franada
Masters Men BB over 40 3-Brittany Amarillas     4-Angel De La Torre
1- Brad Potter 4-Jolene Cline Men Open BB Ltwt Open Figure A  
2- Matty Parsons 5-Heather Hisel 1-David Ortega 1-Stephanie Garner
  6- Brenna Sharpe 2-Mark Chapman 2-Gina Putman  
  7- Katie Smith   3-Brittany Bass Men Physique Open C
Master Men BB Overall     4-Ruth Duran 1-Dane Tufford
1- Christopher Lovell Master Bikini over 35 A Men Open BB Middlewt 5-Katelyn LaLonde 2-Nathan Agmata
      6-Danna Stamps 3-Chris Curtis
  1-Faye Phillips 1-Nicholas Gasik 7-Ashley Tracy 4-Errol Franada
Women Physique un 5'4 2-Lydia Taylor 2-Matty Parsons    
1- Samantha Cowan 3-Tracy Birdeno 3-David Brown Open Figure B
2- Stephanie Garner 4-Nicolle Henderson   1-Samantha Cowan  
3- Leann George 5-Heather Gomez Men Open BB Lt Hvywt 2-Malissa Brown Men Physique Open D
4- Wendy Guasch 6- Brandi Richardson 1-Jake Toll 3-Annie Schrock  
5- Marcela Corona 7- Michelle Slaughter 2-Michael Gnudi 4-Sara Noble 1-Chase Cotton
    3-Francisco Rueda III 5-Yazmin Depatie 2-Beau Breedlove
Master Bikini over 40 B 4-Derek Noble 6-Sarah Brenner-Williams 3-Daily Hummelt
  1-Kelly Hunt 5-Terrell Duncan    
Women Physique over 5'4 2-Jennifer DeStafano      
1- Megan Little 3-Jessica Pannell
Open Figure C
      1-Megan Little  
      2-Andrea Watson  
Women Physique over 35 Master Bikini over 45 C Men Open BB Hvywt 3-Amber Columbus Men Physique Open E
1-Stephanie Garner 1-Sheila Conlon 1-Abdulla Musa 4-Shaunna White 1-Dustin Pederson
2- Michelle La Rock 2-Maki Schwartz 2-Brad Potter 5-Susie Fong 2-Julian Esquivel
3- Wendy Guasch 3-Rebecca Kennerly 3-Nathan Morelli 6-Talia Mesker 3-Daniel Wilson
4- Sue LeMay 4-Lisa Whitman   7-Amanda Darnell 4-Brendan OBrien
        5-Jeff Nelson
6-Zachary Thomas
Women Physique Overall *******************      
1- Stephanie Garner     Open Figure D
    Men Open BB Super Hvwt 1-Shaila McCarthy  
  Master Bikini over 50 D 1-Christopher Lovell 2-Nikki Vann  
1-Gina Putman 2-Josh Knapp 3-Cassandra Beecher Men Physique Open Overall
  2-Christine Penkava   4-Lynn Collins 1-Miles Mann
Classic Physique Men A 3-Rebecca Kennerly Men Open BB Overall 5-Carilin Wicker  
      6-Nadine Lemmons  
1- Frank Corpus 4-Carmen Fuhriman 1-Abdulla Musa    
  5-Faylene Gardner   Open Figure E  
Classic Physique Men B   Figure True Novice A 1-Amber Stevenson  
1- John Heick Masters Bikini Overall 1-Mackenzie Miller 2-Carlie Boyle  
2- Nick Gasik 1- Faye Phillips 2-Brittany Bass 3-Shalii Crownover  
3-  Timothy Otto   3-Katelyn LaLonde 4-Jennifer Gausnell  
4- RJ Franada Open Bikini A 4-Pamela Fregozo    
  1-Lindsey Van Zwol   Open Figure Overall  
Classic Physique Men C 2-Victoria Tabara Figure True Novice B 1-Megan Little  
1-Dustin Pederson 3-Heather Baldwin 1-Nikki Vann    
2-David Gilyot 4-Chelsea Kern 2-Annie Schrock Men Physique True Nov A  
3-Nathan MOrelli 5-Corrine Wise 3-Amanda Darnell 1-Nathan Agmata  
  6- Chelsey Worster 4-Trisha Rebman 2-Mohammed Alzaher  
    5-Corey Dobson 3-Aaron Jung  
    6- Stephanie Olsen 4-Eduardo Arechiga  
    7- Diane Labant 5-Antonio Verduzco  
      6-Donovan Weaver