1st: Chelsea Arient

2nd: Sheona Bierer

3rd: Korn, Jeanie

4th: Jordan, Brooke

A: 1st: Samantha Berry (center) 2nd: Sarah Humphreys 3rd: Becky Porter 4th: Cathy Brock, 5th: Mellisa Franklin

This is Novice Figure! Many of these competitors are brand new to competition, and all are fabulous! Congratulations to the Top 5's in Novice A, Novice B and Novice C! SIDE NOTE: As Class size is growing we are accommodating! Beautiful Glass Art Trophies 7 deep in each class will be awarded at the May 20th 2017 NPC Pacific Coast Championship Battle at the Beach in Lincoln City! Jumping right past a TOP 5 to a Magnificent 7!

B: 1st: Stephanie Beaver (center) 2nd: Nancy Richardson 3rd: Susie Fong, 4th: Kelly Knowles