When we reminisce of a favorite fall day, we smile. On a plane bound for NPC Nationals, a very large athlete heading down the aisle. This was the day we met Stephen Frazier! We three sat together, Steve a little shy and Ron not. Needless to say, not much quiet contemplation was ahead for Stephen Frazier! HINT: If you want a quiet flight do not sit by a Teacher! Before we landed we asked Stephen to come to Oregon and Guest Pose in Lincoln City for our spring championship.

Stephen was not to win Nationals on that weekend, but he took the Super-Heavy-weight USA Championship Title in the year 2012 and grabbed what he had been working so hard for, his IFBB Pro card! This will be the Frazier's 3rd trip to Oregon.

We are honored to call the Stephen Frazier Family our friends. These are three very special people that we are thrilled to bring to Oregon for the 2017 anniversary event, and to Nestucca High School on the Monday morning following. It was a highlight of the year for many of our students when Stephen last came to school, posing for photographs with the wide eyed students, taking a few pointers from Teacher Ron Smith and the Ad Mechanics class before he donned a welding helmet to try his hand at "laying down a bead". Not bad, was his grade! The kids were stoked, and he was the talk of the students for a least a month after!

Stephen Frazier wears many hats, a Fitness Club owner, with a passion for nutrition advisement, wellness coaching and personal training. He has a generous heart, he is a supporter of various causes and charities. He regularly sponsors food and clothing drives, often speaks at schools, and enjoys reading to the young students.

Stephen is an alum of Texas Tech University and the prestigious Oakridge School of Arlington Texas, where young Miles now attends. (GO OWLS!!!) A Christian family man, husband to Deidra and father to young Miles. An all-around athlete who excelled in many sports and can easily dunk a Basketball today!

Stephen and Deidra married in 2002. They were blessed in 2007 with the birth of their son Miles, who Deidra says is the “highlight of each and every day”. Even though Deidra claims that she is your typical southern gal, she is anything but typical! An amazing, caring, hardworking and fearless Police Officer, a dedicated, loving and always supportive wife and a wonderful joyful Mother. The Frazier Family is an example for all of what a family should strive to be. We are all blessed to have the Frazier family in Lincoln City with us on May 20th!






TEXAS!..where everything is bigger comes Guest Poser Superheavyweight Champion, IFBB Professional Stephen Frazier! This MAMMOUTH MAN has a heart as big as his home state!
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USA Champion & IFBB Pro!
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