Meet 2017 Guest Poser IFBB Fitness Professional Viko Newman. It is an honor to have this multi-talented Fitness star coming to Lincoln City for our 20th anniversary event! The adjectives of positive description & quotes that could be aligned with Viko and her life could go on and on and still fall short!


















If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” – Albert Einstein / “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’ ” – Audrey Hepburn
“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot / “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

Rewrite the facts for Viko Newman! She became the oldest Fitness athlete to earn IFBB Pro status just a few years ago, shattering a myth that it was a goal that may not be attainable at her age!

She earned her Professional status in the very physically demanding category at the age of 47 ½ years!



In reading quotes of suggestions for success, so many can be about Viko’s life! A few are:

1. Work at something you enjoy that is worthy of your time and talent! / 2. Become the most positive enthusiastic person you know!

3. Be generous! / 4. Give people more than they expect, cheerfully!


In addition to the training required to continue in the Fitness Industry Viko also supports several charities that support animal rescue.

Two of which are “Hope for Paws” and “Marley’s Mutts” Viko encourages others to champion these causes. She says “Donate your latte for the day!”

Viko is a Fitness Coach for “Save Fitness” lending her talents, and knowledge to help others follow in her footsteps into competition!

1. Marry the right person!, known to determine 90% of your happiness! / 2. Take good care of those you love! / 3. Be loyal!

All above she does & is! Viko met her husband Mark Newman in 1983 at Yokota AFB in Japan. They will celebrate their 30 wedding anniversary in October! 
Viko has worked in sales for Les Schwab Tires for 15 years!
Viko has been a fixture and a force in the Pacific Northwest Fitness Industry for 30 years!

An all-around star at her first competition placing 1st in Bodybuilding, 1st is Fitness and 1st in the Bench press Contest!   

Other fun facts: Favorite things; The Cheesecake Factory, especially “Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp”, and “Chris Outrageous Cake”!
First Competition age 30 years! / She choreographs her own routines, and plans her own contest diet.
Not a single male at her place of work can beat her in a one arm pushup contest! / In March Viko will be competing in the Hawaii Fitness Pro!
Future plans include a change of residence when Viko and Mark move to Florida. Our “girl next door” will then be a few states away from us, but always in our hearts!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Viko Newman and see her take over the stage with her entertaining routine and amazing spirit. Battle at the Beach!, be there!